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important Notice!

As of June 1st, 2024 Lueth Heating and Air will be uniting with Van Zee Heating and Air. 

For your heating and cooling needs, please contact Van Zee Heating and Air by phone listed below or visit their Facebook page here.

Tim Van Zee (308)-464-1187

Broc Lueth (970) 580-1236

Thank you for your continued support!

Lueth heating and

residential Heating &
air conditioning

Our Mission

Quality Service

We stand by our work; done right the first time. Each visit will consist of in-depth analysis and diagnostics. We pride ourselves in being thorough and solving the problem at its source. 

Clear Communication

Communication is crucial in any interaction. We are committed to having frequent and open conversations to ensure complete understanding and satisfaction.


Our goal is to build trusting relationships with each customer. We believe in clear, candid and transparent communication.

Afterall, honesty is the best policy.



Furnace Installation & Repair

Fan Motor

Preventative Maintenance

A/C Installation & Repair

about us

Finding heating and air conditioning repair in Holyoke, Colorado should not be a hassle. Unfortunately, trying to find an available service technician has been an ongoing problem for most residents in Northeast Colorado.


That's where Lueth Heating and Air has built its foundation - to fill a much-needed gap in service. We saw a need in our community and are dedicated to serving our neighbors in providing trustworthy and thorough inspections, repairs, installations and preventative maintenance.


We believe in honest, quality and reliable work that will leave you feeling confident your house will maintain your desired temperature throughout the year, despite the weather. 

Meet the Team

dedicated to serving the NorthEastern colorado community heating and cooling needs


Serving the following communities:

Holyoke, Paoli, Haxtun, Sedgwick, Ovid, Julesburg and Amherst


How often should I change my filter?

For 1-2" filters: Check your filter every 1-3 months - replace if needed.

For 3-4" filters: Check your filter every 6-9 months and replace if needed.

Do you work on washing machines or dish washers?

Unfortunately, we do not service dishwashers or washing machines.

What is included in a furnace tune-up?

  • Clean/inspect burners and cabinet

  • Ignition system clean/check

  • Check:

    • Blower wheel and motor

    • Inducer motor

    • Thermostat

    • Safety controls

    • Filter

    • Vent piping

    • Temperature rise

    • Electrical connections

    • Condensate plumbing/trap

What does it mean when you say the gas aspect of boilers?

Boilers have multiple components to function properly - gas, water and electricity.

We repair the gas portion as well as the electrical components within the boiler.


If there is a problem with the plumbing or the main electrical feed going to the boiler, we will recommend an electrician or plumber who will be able to help you.

When should I have my furnace inspected?

We recommend having your furnace inspected every year at the transition of seasons to ensure it's ready for the upcoming heating / cooling season.

What is the difference in an inspection and a tune-up?

INSPECTIONS: Usually performed for a furnace or air conditioner prior to a real estate purchase to ensure functionality.

TUNE-UPS: Annual preventative maintenance performed for a furnace, air conditioner or fireplace.

For both furnace and air conditioning inspections and tune-ups, a detailed diagnostic is given with recommended replacements for premium efficiency.

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